1.1. What is IPCop Linux?

IPCop Linux is a distribution of Linux that's sole purpose is to protect your private or SOHO system/network. IPCop Linux is a code fork of SmoothWall, which was initially created by Richard Morrell, Lawrence Manning and others, since the summer of 2000. A majority of the code used in the IPCop v0.1 release was written by them. However, since the fork, much of the code has been rewritten and more will be rewritten with each revision until no code will be shared with SmoothWall.

IPCop Linux (hereafter referred to as IPCop) is our attempt at a secure Linux-based operating system that converts a redundant/obsolete PC/workstation/fileserver (basically anything with a CPU, some memory, a hard drive and 2 network cards) into a firewall and VPN gateway.

With this release of IPCop we are attempting to offer ALL users (beginner to Guru Linux user) the chance to experience the security necessary in today's Internet environment. This is accomplished by offering you the ability to protect and filter all traffic that comes in or goes out of your network and the ability to allow extra services by making use of a DMZ (explained later in more detail). Add to this the fact that this is all done by means of a web interface (which means you can administer your firewall from any computer in your network) and you have a very powerful package. What's more, it is 100% FREE! AND WILL STAY THAT WAY! That's right. By developing this under the GNU General Public License we are offering IPCop FREE to anyone interested. You can even download the source code to IPCop.

Also, because IPCop is administered through a web based GUI (Graphical User Interface) the machine that IPCop is installed on does not even need a monitor, keyboard or mouse. IPCop supports Internal ISDN cards, most network cards, just about any connection type (analog modem/ISDN/Cable/ADSL/USB ADSL/Ethernet) and also includes a complete logging firewall and IDS (Intrusion Detection System), DHCP server, IPSec VPN (Virtual Private Network), web proxy and much more. IPCop is fast, easy to administer, reliable and often includes more features and better performance than many commercial packages on the market today.

By downloading a single ISO file (approximately 22 MB) you can create your own copy of IPCop today and at no costs other than the time online to download it and the price of the blank CD. By implementing the GNU Linux kernel as the core of IPCop, you can rest assured that you are receiving a solid foundation for your systems/networks security.