2. Adding Your Language to IPCop

So you've installed IPCop and love it, but it doesn't speak your language. How can you help?

IPCop needs folks that speak something other than English to do translations. Getting the installation and the run time code to produce data in another language is relatively easy.

Check the How to Help the IPCOP Translation Effort page.

Translating the rest of the documentation is a bigger task. Historically, teams of translators have been formed to handle this task. If desired, the language team leaders will be designated as developers with the ability to check files into CVS.

To attack the document translation, you may want to become familiar with DocBook. Please skim the material on it, below.

You might be able to translate successfully just by translating the text between the pairs of <title> and </title>, and <para> and </para> elements. Please check out the files under the IPCopDoc CVS project to do your translations.