7. CVS

CVS stands for the Concurrent Versions System and is a source code versioning system similar to SCCS, RCS and Source Safe.

The easiest way for authors or translators to use this system is to download the latest files using the web interface at the Source Forge web site. All of the documentation is under the IPCopDoc project, there. When you select an individual file, one of the choices you will have is to download a file.

When you have completed a document, please send it to your language team lead or the documentation coordinator for a peer review. After it has been reviewed, it will be checked back into the repository.

If you wish, you might want to make use of CVS's logging facility and include a commented out appendix to keep track of changes made in your document. For example:

<!-- ======================================== -->
$Log: Authors-Guide.xml,v $
Revision 1.2  2002/11/26 17:18:34  goldharv
Fixed typo
Revision 1.1  2002/11/25 17:59:47  goldharv
Initial creation.

The $Log… $ line is a CVS keyword that tells CVS to record all comments used when checking in a file after that line. Initially, it should be input as $Log$, and CVS will record the modification level and other information after the “$Log”, but before the final $.