2. Overview

You will be installing an operating system on the IPCop PC. It is a Linux based operating system, but it is not meant to be a general-purpose system. The firewall design attempts to eliminate as many features from the system as possible. The central idea is that the more code that runs on the firewall, the more places there are that are vulnerable to attacks. Do not expect facilities like sendmail or FTP daemons to be present. These are not needed on a firewall and may contain holes that are known to malicious users.

Although these instructions will appear to be long and often detailed, take heart. Once you've figured out what you want to do and have obtained your current configuration parameters, installing IPCop will take as little as fifteen minutes.

You will have to boot from the installation media or a floppy. The installation media is distributed as an ISO file. If you have a CD burner, you will probably want to create a bootable CD from the ISO file. If you cannot burn a CD, you will have to place files from the ISO image on a web or FTP server. If the IPCop PC cannot boot from CD, you will have to create a bootable floppy.