Administrative Guide

Author: James Brice

Author: Chris Clancey

Author: Harry Goldschmitt

Author: Eric Oberlander

Author: Rebecca Ward

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Forward by Charles Williams
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Table of Contents

1. Rights and Disclaimers
2. Forward
1. Questions and Answers
1.1. What is IPCop Linux?
1.2. What is the GNU General Public License?
1.3. How can you afford to just give this away?
1.4. What about those who can't afford to download a file that large or who don't have a CD Writer? Where can I buy a copy?
1.5. Well, this all sounds great. But what if I have a problem? Do you offer support or am I left out in the cold?
1.6. I really like the package but can the Company that I work for use IPCop without paying for it?
2. Administration and Configuration
2.1. Home Administrative Window
2.2. Information Administrative Window
2.2.1. Status
2.2.2. Traffic Graphs
2.2.3. Proxy Graphs
2.2.4. Connections
2.3. Dialup AW
2.3.1. PPP Settings:
2.3.2. Upload Firmware/Drivers:
2.3.3. Modem:
2.4. Services AW
2.4.1. Web Proxy Administrative Web Page
2.4.2. DHCP Administrative Web Page
2.4.3. Port Forwarding Administrative Web Page
2.4.4. External Aliases Administrative Web Page
2.4.5. External Access Administrative Web Page
2.4.6. DMZ Pinholes Administrative Web Page
2.4.7. DYNDNS Administrative Web Page
2.5. VPNs Administrative Web Page
2.5.1. Control
2.5.2. Connections
2.6. Logs AW
2.6.1. Introduction
2.6.2. Other:
2.6.3. Web Proxy:
2.6.4. Firewall:
2.6.5. Intrusion Detection System:
2.7. System Web Pages
2.7.1. Updates AW
2.7.2. Time
2.7.3. Passwords
2.7.4. SSH
2.7.5. Intrusion Detection System AW
2.7.6. Languages AW
2.7.7. Backup AW
2.7.8. Shutdown AW
2.8. Credits
A. GNU Free Documentation License
A.1. 0. Preamble
A.2. 1. Applicability and Definitions
A.3. 2. Verbatim Copying
A.4. 3. Copying In Quantity
A.5. 4. Modifications
A.6. 5. Combining Documents
A.7. 6. Collections of Documents
A.8. 7. Aggregation With Independent Works
A.9. 8. Translation
A.10. 9. Termination
A.11. 10. Future Revisions of This License
A.12. ADDENDUM: How to use this License for your documents