4.1. Test Your Access to IPCop

Make sure you can access IPCop via a web browser. IPCop moves selected ports away from their standard numbers so that you can forward the well-known ports to real servers on your ORANGE network. The following examples assume you have set your GREEN network interface to If not substitute the correct IP address. Verify that you can ping IPCop from a GREEN network machine. On Windows enter:

C:\ ping

On *nix and Macintosh OS X enter:

$ ping -n

IPCop's DNS proxy has not yet been enabled from its administration pages, so the ping command, above, deliberately stops ping from attempting to look up the fully qualified host name of the IPCop PC.

If ping works attempt to access your IPCop by opening a web browser to URL:

You should try the HTTPS, secure http port, next by attempting to access URL: