Administrative Guide

Chris Clancey

Harry Goldschmitt

John Kastner

Eric Oberlander

Peter Walker

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20 September 2004

Revision History
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Forward by Charles Williams
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Table of Contents

Rights and Disclaimers
1. Project Leader's Introduction
What Is IPCop?
Partial List of Features
2. Administration and Configuration
Home Administrative Window
System Web Pages
Updates AW
SSH Access
GUI Settings
Backup Web Page
Shutdown Web Page
Status Menu
System Status
Network Status
System Graphs
Traffic Graphs
Proxy Graphs
Network Menu
External Aliases Administrative Web Page
Services Menu
Web Proxy Administrative Web Page
DHCP Administrative Web Page
Dynamic DNS Administrative Web Page
Edit Hosts Administrative Web Page
Time Server Administrative Web Page
Traffic Shaping Administrative Web Page
Intrusion Detection System Administrative Web Page
Firewall Menu
What traffic is allowed between Interfaces?
User Customization
Port Forwarding Administrative Web Page
External Access Administrative Web Page
DMZ Pinholes Administrative Web Page
Blue Access Administrative Web Page
Firewall Options Administrative Web Page
VPNs Menu
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
Methods of Authentication
Global Settings
Connection Status and Control
Logs Menu
Log Settings Administrative Web Page
Log Summary Page
Proxy Logs Page
Firewall Logs Page
Intrusion Detection System Log Page
System Log Page
A. GNU Free Documentation License
0. Preamble
1. Applicability and Definitions
2. Verbatim Copying
3. Copying In Quantity
4. Modifications
5. Combining Documents
6. Collections of Documents
7. Aggregation With Independent Works
8. Translation
9. Termination
10. Future Revisions of This License

List of Figures

2.1. SSH Access and SSH Host Keys
2.2. GUI Settings
2.3. Backup
2.4. Shutdown and Schedule Reboots
2.5. PPP Settings
2.6. Upload Modem Drivers
2.7. Modem Settings
2.8. External Aliases Settings
2.9. Additional DHCP Options
2.10. Add a new fixed lease
2.11. List of fixed leases
2.12. Current dynamic leases
2.13. Dynamic DNS Settings
2.14. Add a Host Input Screen
2.15. List of current hosts
2.16. Network Time Server Settings
2.17. Update the time manually
2.18. Traffic Shaping Settings
2.19. Intrusion Detection Settings
2.20. IP Traffic Flow
2.21. Port Forwarding Settings
2.22. External Access Settings
2.23. Pinhole Settings
2.24. Blue Access Settings
2.25. Firewall Options
2.26. VPN Global Settings
2.27. VPN Connection status and control window: Initial View
2.28. VPN Certificate Authorities window: Initial View
2.29. VPN Connection Type Selection
2.30. VPN Host-to-Net Connection Input
2.31. VPN Net-to-Net Connection Input
2.32. VPN Authentication Input
2.33. Log Settings
2.34. Log Summary Output
2.35. Proxy Log Output
2.36. Firewall Log Output
2.37. IDS Log Output
2.38. System Log Output