1.3.  Acknowledgements

IPCop software is both a collaborative project and built upon great prior works. These acknowledgements will cover many to help both directly and indirectly, but will never the less miss untold many who toiled to help develop this project but I failed to get them noted here. To those, I say many thanks and sorry for missing your name.

For the rest, thank you… For a more up to date listing please see System→Credits in IPCop.

Core Team

Developers.  Mark Wormgoor, Alan Hourihane, Eric S. Johansson, Darren Critchley, Robert Kerr, Gilles Espinasse, Steve Bootes, Graham Smith, Robert Wood, Eric Oberlander, Tim Butterfield and David Kilpatrick.

Documentors.  Harry Goldschmitt, Chris Clancey, John Kastner, Eric Oberlander, Peter Walker


Other Projects and Companies:  Traverse Technologies — Improved Dual ISDN and DOV support, Linux from Scratch (LFS) — Code Base for IPCop 1.4, FreeSwan and OpenFreeSwan — IPSec and VPN software, Smoothwall — Original foundation and inspiration, …and others too numerous to mention.