1.4. Prepare the IPCop PC

Obtain the IPCop PC. Check the IPCop Hardware Compatibility List to verify the PC you are planning to use will support IPCop.

Insert any additional network cards needed to handle your configuration in the IPCop PC. You will need an Ethernet NIC for the GREEN interface. If you decide on a BLUE or ORANGE interface, you will need an extra NIC for each. If your RED interface is via Ethernet you will need one Ethernet NIC for this network, as well.

Insert the ISDN modem card, if needed.

During the installation process a video monitor will need to be attached to the IPCop PC. IPCop stays in character mode, so almost any monitor will do. The monitor can be removed after the install. In addition, a keyboard will be needed. If your BIOS keyboard test can be disabled, the keyboard can also be removed after the installation.

Set the BIOS parameters so that the target machine will operate, as much as possible, as a stand-alone server. For example: