4.  Setting Up a Connection

Point your browser at or and you should see IPCop's home page. (Note: v1.4.X will automatically direct you to a secure page). If you can't connect, make sure that your Client PC's Network Settings are set to Automatically Obtain an IP Address, and reboot if necessary, so that the Client obtains an IP Address from IPCop.

Some ADSL modems require you to upload software onto IPCop before they will work. Browse to the Upload Firmware/Drivers page and after downloading the binary file you need to your own PC, renaming it if required, upload it to IPCop by clicking on the Browse... button and selecting the file on your own PC, then hit the Upload button.

Refer to the Network Section of the Administration Manual for a fuller explanation of all the available options.

Return to the Home page and hit the Connect button to connect to the Internet. If have chosen to Dial on Demand, the message will change to Dial on Demand Waiting. Initiate a connection by trying to browse to a website on the Internet. If everything is set up correctly, IPCop will dial out, and you will be online.