2. Forward

Hello. On behalf of our Project Leader, Jack Beglinger, the Documentation staff would like to welcome you to the IPCop Users Administration Document. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for trying our firewall and we hope that it will serve your needs. The team would also like to thank the IPCop Linux Community for its continuing presence and the outstanding job it does helping new and experienced users alike. We would also like to thank the team at SmoothWall for bringing the IPCop Linux Community together.

Whether you are an existing user moving up the version chain or a new user getting ready for your first install, we hope you will find all you need to get up and running in this manual. If, for some reason, something is not covered here and you feel it should be, then by all means contact us and let us know. We always like to hear from our user base (actually some of us are just kinda lonely sitting on the computer all day and a little note is nice every once in a while) and hope to be able to accommodate their needs as much as possible. Now you can relax and enjoy the Internet without having to worry.

So, here is a bit of information for those of you that have the time to read this and are waiting for your IPCop Linux box to install. The initial release of IPCop was an interim release to assist us in finding problems in the IPCop Linux Distribution. We are now on our fourth full release. If you do happen to find problems, please check the IPCop FAQ first as we attempt to update the FAQ as soon as we find a problem and can provide solid information on either a work around or a direct fix.

If your problem is not referenced in the FAQ then you can either join us on IRC (server: irc.freenode.net channel: #ipcop), contact the IPCop-User mailing list or use one of the community Forums.

You may find further information as well as the newest FAQ, mailing list information and IPCop Linux Group contact information on our web site: IPCop Web Site