2.6.7. Address Settings Administrative Web Page

You can assign names to IP Addresses, IP Networks and MAC Addresses.

The advantage of using names is that when you have to change an internal server's IP Address, or exchange a network card (with a different MAC), there is only one place that needs modification, and you do not have to change multiple outgoing rules, pinholes and portforwards. Add address

In the first section you give an Address or Network a Name.

Figure 2.53. Add address

Add address section

Name.  Enter a name.

Addressformat.  Select IP or MAC from the drop down menu.

Address.  Enter the address.


MAC Addresses can only be used as source in rules, not as destination.

Netmask (optional).  If the netmask field is left empty when defining an IP Address, the mask will be used.

Add.  Once you have entered all the information, press the Add button. This will move the entry to the next section.

Reset.  Press the Reset button to revert settings to their defaults. Custom addresses

The second section contains a list of your custom addresses.

Figure 2.54. Custom address list

Custom address section

To delete an entry, click the Trash Can icon. To edit one, click the Yellow Pencil icon. Default networks

The third section contains networking information.

Figure 2.55. Default networks list

Default networks section