2.6.8. Address Groups Administrative Web Page

Default addresses (i.e. Green Network, Blue Network, etc.) and addressnames can be combined into groups.

In an address Group you could combine the Green and Blue Networks and then allow a specific service for this group with one rule. Add address to Group

In the first section you create an Address Group with a name and add Default Networks, or Custom Addresses if they have been created. Once a Group is created it can then be selected and added to from the drop down menu.

Figure 2.56. Add address to Group

Add address to group section

You can also combine Address names into a group. For example if you have multiple computers in Blue, but only want to create a pinhole for two specific laptops.


Groups cannot be used as destination in a portforward. Address Groups

The second section lists the Address Groups you have created.

In the example below we have combined the Green and Blue Networks into one Group called GreenBlue.

Figure 2.57. Address Groups list

Address Groups section

To delete an entry, click the Trash Can icon. To edit one, click the Yellow Pencil icon.

To enable or disable an entry - click on the checkbox for the particular address(es) you want to enable or disable. The icon changes to an empty box when an address is disabled. Click on the checkbox to enable it again.