2.6.1. Changes in v2.0

IPCop Access.  IPCop no longer accepts all packets sent from internal interfaces, only packets for services that IPCop knows about (DHCP, DNS, NTP, Proxy, IPsec, OpenVPN) are accepted.

Port Forwarding.  Port forwarding is now controlled on the Firewall Rules page.

External Access.  External access is also controlled on the Firewall Rules page.

DMZ Pinholes.  Pinholes between networks can be created on the Firewall Rules page.

Blue Access.  Access to the Blue network can still be controlled on the Address Filter page. However, it is now possible to disable the controls completely by editing the interface policy on the Firewall Settings page.

Firewall Options.  The ability to disable ping responses from certain interfaces is no longer possible. If you want to disable ping response you need to create a 'Firewall Rule' with 'Drop' action for ping.