2.6.9. Interfaces Administrative Web Page

There are special cases where interfaces are present beyond the standard Green, Blue, Orange and Red interfaces. After assigning a name to such an interface it is possible to create firewall rules for those interfaces.


Custom Interfaces are only available if 'Advanced Mode' is enabled on the Firewall Settings page. Add interface

In the first section you give an Interface a Name.

Figure 2.58. Add interface

Add interface section

Name.  The name for your interface. Avoid using commas.

Interface.  In this field you are limited to using upper and lowercase letters, numbers and the special characters - _ . :.

Add.  Once you have entered all the information, press the Add button. This will move the entry to the next section.

Reset.  Press the Reset button to revert settings to their defaults.


You will still need to assign drivers and IP addresses manually. Custom interfaces

Any custom interfaces you have created are listed in the second section.

To delete a custom interface click the Trash Can icon. To edit one, click the Yellow Pencil icon. Default interface

The default interfaces on your IPCop are shown in the third section.

Figure 2.59. Default interfaces

Default interfaces section