2.6.6. Service Groups Administrative Web Page

The IPCop Firewall is configured by using Services and/or Service Groups.

Service Groups give you the opportunity to combine several Services into a Group. After which you can create rule(s) which then combine all Services in a single step. Add service to Group

In the first section you create a Service Group with a name and add Default Services, or Custom Services if they have been created. Once a Group is created it can then be selected and added to from the drop down menu.

Figure 2.51. Add service to Group

Add service to group section Service Groups

The second section lists the Service Groups you have created.

Figure 2.52. Service Groups

Service Group list

In the example above we have created a 'DropNoLog' Group which holds some Services that we know about and do not want to fill up our Firewall log with.

Dropping and not logging netbios-dgm (tcp+udp/138) and netbios-ns (tcp+udp/137) avoids filling up the logs with Netbios Broadcasts.