2.6.5. Services Administrative Web Page

The IPCop Firewall is configured by using Services and/or Service Groups.

If you want to create a rule for a Service that is not present in the list of Default Services, you will have to add it first. Adding a service

In first section you give the custom Service a descriptive name, choose the Protocol and Ports (TCP and UDP only).

Figure 2.49. Add a service

Add a service section


Use the Invert option with great care, as this can create far larger holes in your IPCop Firewall than you might expect! Custom services

The second section lists the custom services you have added.

You can re-sort the display of services by mouse-clicking on any of the four underlined column headings. A further mouse-click will reverse the sort order.

Figure 2.50. Custom services

Custom services section

To edit a service, click on its Yellow Pencil icon. The entry's data will be displayed in the form above. Make your changes and click the Update button.

To delete a service, click on its Trash Can icon. You will only be able to delete a service if it is unused. Default services

The third section lists the Default services.

Figure 2.51. Default services

Default services section