2.8.3. Proxy Logs Page

This page provides you with the facility to see the files that have been cached by the web proxy server within IPCop. The web proxy is inactive after first installation of IPCop, and may be activated (and deactivated) through the Services > Proxy page.


The Proxy Log page will only display logs if you have enabled logging on the Services > Proxy page.

Due to the large amount of information that has to be processed, the Web Proxy page can take an appreciable time to appear after its initial selection or an Update.

There are several controls on this page in addition to the basic Month, Day, << (Day before), >> (Day after), Update and Export controls described at the beginning of this Section:

For this page, the Log information appearing in the Log: section of the window consists of:


The Website URL entries in these Logs are also hyperlinks to the referenced web pages or files.

Figure 2.79. Proxy Log Output

Proxy Log