2.4.4. External Aliases Administrative Web Page

It may happen that your ISP assigns you a range of IP addresses for your network. You will only need those additional IP addresses in case you want to offer multiple server services to the Internet and you want to be able to reach those services under differing IP addresses or names. Add a new alias

Add or edit an Alias in the first section.

Figure 2.22. Aliases sections

Aliases sections

Name (optional).  Give the alias a name if you want.

Alias IP.  Input an IP Address.

Netmask (optional).  Specify a Netmask if you need to.

Enabled.  Check this box to enable the entry.

Add.  Once you have entered all the information click the Add button. This will move the entry to the next section, and list it as an alias. Current aliases

This section lists the aliases that you have added.

You can re-sort the display by clicking on any of the underlined column headings. A further click will reverse the sort order.

To enable or disable an entry - click on the checkbox in the Action column for the particular alias you want to enable or disable. The icon changes to an empty box when the entry is disabled. Click on the checkbox to enable it again.

To edit an entry click on its Yellow Pencil icon. The entry's data will be displayed in the form above. Make your changes and click the Update button on the form.

To delete an entry click on its Trash Can icon.