2.5.6. Time Server Administrative Web Page

IPCop can be configured to obtain the time from known accurate timeservers on the Internet. In addition, it can also provide this time to other machines on your network. Settings

The first line in the Settings box indicates if the ntpd server is stopped or running.

Figure 2.37. Network Time Server Settings

Time Server Web Page

To enable the time server, check the Obtain time from a Network Time Server checkbox and enter the full name of the timeserver you want to use in the Primary NTP Server box. You can also enter an optional Secondary NTP Server or Tertiary NTP Server if you want.

We suggest that, for efficiency, you synchronize IPCop with your ISP's time servers, where available. If they are not provided, try the www.pool.ntp.org project, which is “a big virtual cluster of timeservers striving to provide reliable easy to use NTP service for millions of clients without putting a strain on the big popular timeservers.

Follow their instructions on how to use country zones (for example 0.us.pool.ntp.org) rather than the global zone (0.pool.ntp.org), to further improve efficiency.

In January 2008 the IPCop vendor pool became available. Please use 0.ipcop.pool.ntp.org 1.ipcop.pool.ntp.org or 2.ipcop.pool.ntp.org instead of the previous default zone names.

IPCop will provide a time service to the rest of your network when the NTP Server is enabled.

Servers on Orange Network

Please note that since IPCop does not provide any services to the Orange Network, servers or devices in the Orange Network cannot use IPCop as a Time Server.

Any server or device in the Orange Network must use an Internet Time Server for time synchronisation.

Redirect NTP to IPCop.  Use this option to redirect equipment configured to synchronize with a fixed NTP server on the Internet, to synchronize with IPCop instead.

Save.  To save your configuration click the Save button. Updating the time manually

If you do not want to use an Internet timeserver you can enter the time manually and click the Instant Update button.

Figure 2.38. Update the time

Update the time section


If you correct the time by a large amount, and offset the clock ahead of itself, the fcron server that runs regular cron jobs can appear to stop while it waits for the time to catch up. This can affect graph generation and other regular tasks that run in the background.

If this happens, try running the command fcrontab -z in a terminal to reset the fcron server. Changing the Timezone

The Timezone was set during the installation process.

To change the Timezone you need to re-run setup from a terminal.

Log in as 'root' and execute the command:

# setup

Select Timezone from the first menu, and choose a new Timezone from the list. Click the Ok button when you have finished.