2.3.3. Network Status

This page displays information on the network interfaces and networking within your IPCop. Interfaces

Interfaces - This section displays information on all your network devices. This includes PPP, IPSec, Loopback, etc.

Interfaces Red DNS configuration

Displays the DNS server(s) in use. Current DHCP Client Status

Displays the status of the DHCP client if your RED interface is DHCP. The current gateway, DNS server(s), IP address of DHCP server, lease time and lease expiry time are shown.

Current DHCP Client Status


This section will only be visible if your RED interface is DHCP. Current Dynamic Leases

Displays the contents of the /var/run/dnsmasq/dnsmasq.leases file if DHCP is enabled. The current dynamic leases are listed, with hostnames if available, and expiry dates.

Current Dynamic Leases


This section will only be visible if DHCP is enabled. Refer to the section on the DHCP Server for details. ADSL settings

Displays information on the ADSL device, if fitted.


This section will only be visible if an ADSL modem is configured. Routing Table Entries

Displays the current routing table and default gateway.

Routing Table Entries ARP Table Entries

Shows the current content of the ARP table.

ARP Table Entries