2.3.1. System Status

The Status pages present you with a VERY thorough list of information regarding the current status of your IPCop. The first page, System Status, displays the following in top-down order: Services

Services - Displays which services are currently running, and the memory used.

Executing Services Memory

Memory - Displays the memory/swapfile usage on your IPCop.

Memory Information Disk usage

Disk usage - Displays the total/used/free amount of hard drive space on your IPCop.

Disk Usage Information Inodes usage

Inodes usage - This displays the total/used/free number of inodes on your IPCop.

Inodes usage RAID Status (system specific)

RAID Status - This displays information on the RAID devices on your IPCop, if fitted.

RAID Status Uptime and users

Uptime and users - Displays the output of the w command, which shows uptime and information on users currently logged in on your IPCop.

Uptime and users Kernel version

Kernel version - This displays information on the IPCop Kernel itself.

Kernel Information