2.3.7. Traffic Accounting

Traffic accounting, when activated, counts the traffic on all configured interfaces.


Traffic accounting with Detail level High is currently disabled because it does not work reliably. Traffic Accounting Selection

The first section has dropdown Month and Year lists to select the time period.

The >> button opens a second box which allows you to select the time frame in detail. Use the << button to return to the standard selection box.

Traffic Accounting Selection
Traffic Accounting Detail Selection Utilisation overview

The traffic utilisation is shown for each configured interface. Input is traffic to IPCop. Output is traffic from IPCop.

Traffic Accounting Overview Traffic Accounting Configuration

Traffic Accounting Configuration

Traffic accounting enabled Select this checkbox to enable traffic accounting.

Detail level Only Low can be selected.

Display calculated traffic on Homepage Select this checkbox to display traffic information on the Homepage.

Sort in reverse chronological order Select this checkbox if you want to see recent events at the top of the table, rather than at the bottom.

Monitor traffic volume Select this checkbox to enable monitoring of the volume of traffic through IPCop, which can then highlight or send a warning email when traffic reaches a trigger point.

Monthly base or Rolling traffic window You can monitor traffic volume on a fixed monthly basis, or on a continuously rolling time period, which monitors traffic over a rolling time window. You can set the base date for the monthly period, or the number of days in the rolling window.

Monitor volume (...MByte) You can chose the monitor level of the volume of traffic passing through IPCop's Red interface. Select the appropriate checkbox beside the Input volume, and/or the Output volume, and/or the Total Volume (which is the Input and Output combined) to enable monitoring. Specify the volume in MBytes.

You will then see the Monitor volume color coded in the Utilisation overview, with Green indicating a volume below the monitored level, and Red highlighting when the traffic volume has exceeded the monitored level.

Warn when traffic reaches x % Select this checkbox, and select a percentage level at which point you want to be warned that traffic volume is approaching the Monitor volume level.

The Monitor volume color switches to Orange in the Utilisation overview, to show that the Warning percentage level has been reached.

Send email notification Select this checkbox if you want a Warning alert email to be sent to the recipient specified on the Email Settings page, when the Warning percentage level has been reached.

Calculate traffic every x minutes You can select the time period between automatic calculation of the traffic volume.

Save.  To save your settings click the Save button.

Reset.  The Reset button will revert the settings to the last set saved.