2.3.5. Traffic Graphs

This page graphically illustrates the traffic In and Out of IPCop.

Network Traffic Graphs

There are sections for each network interface, Green and Red, (and Blue and Orange if configured) which show graphs of incoming and outgoing traffic through that interface.

Click on one of the graphs to show additional graphs of the traffic on that interface per Day, Week, Month and Year.

Traffic graphs not working?

Graphs are generated by a script, run every five minutes by a cron job. If the graphs are unexpectedly empty, check that the time is correct, and check the System Logs>cron page to see if the makegraphs script is being run every five minutes. If not, try resetting fcron by logging in as 'root' and executing the command fcrontab -z

Or, manually run the makegraphs script to see if there are any useful error messages. Log in to a console as 'root', and execute the command makegraphs

If there has been a big time shift in IPCop's onboard clock, particularly backwards, the RRD (Round Robin Database) files may complain about timing. In this case you may have to consider deleting the database files, which can be found in the /var/log/rrd directory. The database files are recreated when the makegraphs script is next run, but any prior data would be lost.