2.2.5. GUI Settings

This page controls the appearance and functionality of IPCop's web pages.

After making any changes, remember to press the Save button.

To restore the default settings, press the Restore defaults button, then press the Save button.

Figure 2.11. GUI Settings

GUI Settings Display

Enable Javascript The administrative web pages use JavaScript extensively to provide an improved look and feel. However, some browsers do not work properly with JavaScript. If this button is not checked, the various drop down menus will be disabled and your choices on any page will appear across the top of the page.

Display hostname in window title This checkbox will turn on the display of an IPCop's hostname at the top of each web page. If you are maintaining more than one IPCop, this will be advantageous, since you will be able to tell which IPCop your browser is currently displaying.

Refresh index.cgi page whilst connected By default, the Home page refreshes once when IPCop connects to the Internet, and a manual click on the Refresh button forces the Home page to update with the latest connection time.

Enabling this option forces the Home page to refresh every 30 seconds, so the connection time is regularly updated, and if the connection drops due to lack of demand, the Dial on Demand waiting status message will appear.

Select the language you wish IPCop to display in This drop down menu will let you choose which one of the 34 languages currently available for IPCop web pages, this IPCop will use for its display.


Where a Language's translation is only partially complete, the English phrase is used instead.

If you would like to add to or improve an existing Translation, please consider joining one of the Translation Teams listed on the System Credits page, and contact the IPCop Developers (see below).

You can also select the language to be used by IPCop during installation. However, your desired language may not be available during installation. The IPCop translation group is planning on making more languages available as volunteers aid the translation effort. When new languages become available, these are added via the regular system updates.

Of course, you may wish to translate IPCop to another language yourself. If you do, we urge you to contact the IPCop Developers on the ipcop-devel mailing list. Please check the IPCop How To Translate web page for more details. Sound

Beep when IPCop connects or disconnects By default, IPCop will beep when the connection to the Internet goes up or down.

Disable this option for silent operation.

Beep on IPCop boot, shutdown or reboot By default, IPCop will chime when it completes booting, and chime when it completes shutting down.

Disable this option for silent booting and shutdowns.