2.2.3. Passwords

This page allows you to change the 'admin' and/or 'dial' User passwords.

Figure 2.9. Passwords screen


Enter the desired password once in each field for the User you wish to update and click the Save button.

Entering the 'dial' password activates the 'dial' User ID. This special user has the ability to use the Connect and Disconnect buttons on the IPCop Home web page but cannot get to any other IPCop web pages. Use this facility if you have a dial up connection and want to allow Users to connect to the Internet, but not have admin authority on the firewall.

'root' and 'backup' passwords

To change the 'root' or 'backup' passwords you need to re-run setup from a console.

Log in as 'root' and execute the command:

$ setup

Select 'Passwords' from the first menu, and 'root' password or 'backup' password from the next menu and enter a password.

Password length is a minimum of 6 characters.