2.2.2. Updates

This page allows you to download and apply updates and patches. Settings

The first box allows you to configure automatic checks for updates and whether to download updates in the background.

Figure 2.6. Settings

Settings section

Check for Updates after IPCop connects.  It is now possible to disable 'Phone Home' after connecting by unchecking this box. To fully disable phone home, any scheduled 'Check for Updates' must also be removed or made inactive.

If phone home is disabled, subscription to the ipcop-announce mailing list is strongly recommended.

Preload available Updates.  This will load (not apply!) updates when detected by 'Check for Updates'.

Save.  To save your settings click the Save button. Available Updates

The second box shows a list of available updates with links to enable you to download Release Notes and to download updates directly onto IPCop.

Figure 2.7. Available Updates

Available Updates section

If configured in the section above, every time you connect to the Internet IPCop will check to see if any new updates are available. You may also manually check for updates by clicking the Refresh update list button. When a new update is available you will see the information on screen with a short description and a button to download the update file.

Clicking on the Download icon will download the .tgz.gpg file directly onto your IPCop. If the download was successful, and the signature checks out, the Apply now button will appear. Click it to apply the Update.

The alternative, manual method, requires you to download the .tgz.gpg file onto your client PC with a web browser, not directly onto IPCop. Firstly, locate the update file on Sourceforge and download it onto your PC. Once you have the file, navigate to its location on your PC using the Browse... button in the Upload update file section. The Upload button then uploads the .tgz.gpg file to IPCop. If the upload was successful, and the signature checks out, the Apply now button will appear. Click it to apply the Update. Installed Updates

The third box lists the updates that have been installed.

Figure 2.8. Installed Updates

Installed Updates section


Only IPCop official patches (which have been gpg signed) will actually install on your IPCop. Some updates may require you to reboot your IPCop, so please read all patch information thoroughly before applying the update.


If you get an error message This is not an authorised update, check if your IPCop's clock is in the past, as gpg will think the signature date is in the future, and will stop with an error.

Check the log file /var/log/httpd/error_log to confirm.

IPCop is often run on old hardware, and the battery can go flat, causing the system clock to fail.