3.1.6. Disk installation

Choose the disk on which you want to install IPCop. Use the arrow keys to move up or down the list, and the Tab key to move between elements. Use the Space bar or the Enter key to select.

Select a disk

You will be asked to confirm you want to proceed before formatting the drive, which will wipe ALL the existing data off it.

Confirm destination

Next, you choose between a standard installation on a hard drive, or on a flash memory card. The flash installation has a number of modifications to reduce the number of disk writes, to prolong the life of the card.

Choose flash or hard drive

If you chose a flash installation, you will see the next screen, inviting you to choose the maximum amount of RAM to reserve for temporary storage, in megabytes.

The minimum value is 32 MB, the maximum depends on the available RAM memory. The default value displayed is 50% of available RAM, which usually a good value to pick.

Choose ram size

Hard drive installers will jump straight to the screen below, which shows progress of disk partitioning, file system creation, file installation, SWAP creation etc...

Installing files