3.1. Booting from CD

Put the IPCop CD in the IPCop PC's CD-ROM drive. Press the reset button to start the boot sequence. If the IPCop PC does not boot from the CD, check the BIOS boot order parameters. Make sure that the CDROM is first, and the hard disk second. If necessary, put the IPCop bootable floppy in the floppy drive, and change the boot order to boot from floppy first.

Soon the boot up screen, below, will appear. If it does not appear, check that your monitor is connected to the video port on the target machine, is powered on, and that you have booted from the CD or floppy drive.

Architecture differences

The boot up screen may look differently, depending on architecture.

ISOLinux initial screen

At this point you may just press the Enter key to start the installation process, or press the F1 function key for help and further options, described below.