Chapter 3. Booting the IPCop Installation Media

Table of Contents

3.1. Booting from CD
3.1.1. Installation Alternatives
3.1.2. Language selection
3.1.3. Keyboard selection
3.1.4. Timezone selection
3.1.5. Date and Time selection
3.1.6. Disk installation
3.1.7. Restore settings
3.1.8. Disk installation complete
3.2. Booting from USB
3.3. Booting from Network (PXE)

You are now ready to install IPCop.


Remember, installing IPCop on a computer will erase its hard drive.

Even though the IPCop installation steps are very similar, each method of booting and installing IPCop will be discussed separately. If you are not sure of which method to choose, see the discussion in the Decide Upon Media chapter.