2.6.4. Creating Floppy Disks From Images


This complete section needs a rewrite as we now have different floppy images!

If your IPCop PC has a CD-ROM, but your BIOS will not allow a CD-ROM boot, you will need to create a floppy boot disk. If your IPCop PC does not have a CD-ROM, you will need to create both the floppy boot disk and the driver floppy disk. Both images reside in the /images directory on the ISO image. Creating Floppies On *nix and Macintosh OS X

On Linux, Unix and Macintosh OS X systems, creating the floppies can be done from a terminal window with the dd command:

# dd if=/mnt/cdrom/images/ipcop-2.0.0-boot.img of=/dev/fd0 bs=1k count=1440

Use the same command with if= pointing to the driver disk image to create the driver floppy, if needed. Creating Floppies on Windows

Two utilities are provided in the /dosutils directory on the CD and its ISO image. These are rawrite.exe and rawwritewin.exe. rawrite.exe is a DOS based command that can be used to create floppies from the .img files in the /images directory. Similarly, rawwritewin.exe is a windows executable that you can run under Windows to create the floppy disks from the disk images on the CD.