2.6.5. Making The Installation File Available

This step is only needed if you are installing via netboot or from bootable floppy and are using FTP/Web Server. In the root directory / of the ISO image there is a file named ipcop-2.0.0.tar.gz. This file contains a compressed image of the IPCop hard drive. Copy this file to a machine that is running a web server or FTP server. Put it where the server can find it during install. During the install, IPCop will log in to your FTP or web server as anonymous. Most servers do not allow anonymous users to access files out of the server's hierarchy. Even though a directory appears at the top level of the server, such as /pub they really are somewhere else, such as /anonftp/pub.

If you are creating your private network for the first time, change the IP address of the server machine to be on the private, GREEN, network, using a static address. You only need to do this for the duration of the install.

If your server machine is connected to the Internet, remove the connection and physically connect your IPCop PC and other machines together. See TODO: FIXME for a discussion of your choices. If you are using for the IPCop PC, is a good address for the server. Set the server up with a static IP address, temporarily. You will need to reboot any Windows PC if you change its IP address.

Verify that the IPCop installation file is available via the FTP command or entering its URL from a browser, even if you have to do it from the server machine. You can cancel the download or close your browser once you are sure the URL works.