2.3.3. Decide On Your Local Network Address(es)

Decide what your GREEN or local network address range will be. This is not the IP address provided by your ISP. Addresses on this interface will never appear on the Internet. IPCop uses a technique called Network Address Translation, NAT, to hide your GREEN machines from outside eyes. To make sure there are no IP address conflicts, it is suggested that you choose one of the address ranges defined in RFC1918 as private (non-routable) addresses. There are over 65,000 of these network address ranges you can choose from. For a list of available network address ranges, please see TODO: FIXME The easiest network to pick is the 192.168.1.xxx network. This will allow IPCop to handle over 250 computers. Typically routers and firewalls are placed at the top or bottom of the address range, so we suggest that you pick for your GREEN network interface. IPCop will automatically set your network mask based on your IP address, but you can modify it, if you need to.

If you will be using BLUE and/or ORANGE networks pick different network addresses for each of them. For example, BLUE might be 192.168.2.xxx and ORANGE might be 192.168.3.xxx. This will allow over 250 computers on each network.