Chapter 2. Preparing to install

Table of Contents

2.1. Supported Architectures
2.2. Upgrading from older IPCop versions
2.3. Decide On Your Configuration
2.3.1. Network Interfaces
2.3.2. Connecting to the Internet or External Network
2.3.3. Decide On Your Local Network Address(es)
2.4. Gather information on Your Hardware
2.5. Prepare the IPCop PC
2.6. Decide Upon and Prepare the Installation Media
2.6.1. Creating the CD
2.6.2. Creating the USB key
2.6.3. Creating netboot (PXE)
2.6.4. Creating Floppy Disks From Images
2.6.5. Making The Installation File Available
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CAUTION: When you install IPCop on a PC, the hard drive will be formatted and all data on it will be lost.